Download the 3D models of SAKé seating system

The design stems from a strongly contemporary seating system distinguished by a careful search for formal balance. Seats in three sizes (175, 210 and 270 cm), with embracing or linear backs and arms of various dimensions, come together harmoniously to create a sofa adapted to the customer’s space and personal taste. The system is enhanced by a chaise longue (105 x 135 cm) that lends itself to various interpretations: as the terminal element in a linear composition; with a more enveloping back and the addition of arms, when used on its own; or, alongside another chaise lounge, creating a sofa with deep seating. This seating system also offers a sofa bed (150 x 210 cm), the only one in the B&B Italia collection, adopting the other sofas’ seating and back elements.

“This design comes from the search for lightness. A technological platform, magically suspended in the air like a flying carpet, with cushions added to enclose the borders, and finally, legs to ground it.”

Piero Lissoni