Maxalto retail concept

Maxalto retail concept

“Nothing is better than the real thing”

A retail concept that steps away from the classic showroom and becomes inspiration, a "full immersion" experience into the brand’s potential. A domestic environment made of "communicating rooms", entirely set up by Antonio Citterio. A path that walks you through the entire collection, today even more varied and complete, within a series of detailed scenographies. On display, exclusive combinations of products, new designs and materials, in harmony with space. Each environment is conceived as part of a precise project and aims at housing the collection in a style coherent with that of the brand: from materials to graphics, from the backlight to wall paneling, up to the lighting.

Maxalto mono-brand, Maxalto shop in shop, and Maxalto area: the project provides solutions for every different type of space. A series of coordinated proposals that depending on the available surface suggest formulated combinations among the living, dining, and night areas. The aim is to provide every showroom with the perfect solution to best represent all the qualities of the Maxalto collection.

Solutions designed to offer a guideline to the national and international stores, in order to express the maximum potential of the collection. A proposal of ideal compositions for the different areas of the domestic environment, in which every detail is by design. By means of the suggested scenarios, the living rooms, the dining rooms, and the night areas become the finest representation of the Maxalto Home.

"Paris, the birthplace of Maxalto"

A project that evokes the Parisian lifestyle and aesthetics on many levels. The parquet flooring, the wall paneling in burnt wood, the striped black and white walls, and also the backlights with big details of the white stuccoes: each detail is designed to recreate the atmosphere of the traditional Parisian interiors.

Maxalto Atelier: the "experimental heart" of the exhibition space

The Atelier is an area dedicated to experimenting with fabrics and materials, colors, and finishings. Interior designers and clients work together to achieve the perfect solutions, in order to offer the best customization of the product.

Maxalto retail concept

Working area

The Parisian Showroom

"Within the exhibition-rooms, furnishings in soft tones, together with blacks and whites - ""The brand's DNA"", in the words of Art Director Antonio Citterio. The space becomes a
sort of cocoon of new-classic furniture, combining excellent materials, exceptional craftsmanship, exclusive details, and customized solutions in terms of dimensions and finishes. A showroom where the idea of the Maxalto Home, made of ""communicating rooms"", finally comes to life. "

Retail Concept Book

A new "Retail Concept Book" has been edited in order to provide all exhibition spaces with suggested guidelines. Inspirations, details, graphic solutions, and a fine selection of lighting and decors.