Maxalto contemporary classics

For Maxalto, the year 2017 was marked by two new important designs: the Astrum tables and the Caratos chairs, both by Antonio Citterio. The tables - available either round, rectangular, or now also in a brand new oval version, to be previewed at Cologne 2018 - are characterised by a tripod-style base in die-cast aluminium and a wooden or marble top. The chairs stand out for their basic, light design, underscored by a die cast aluminium frame.
“After 25 years developing products rooted in artisan materials and processes,” says Antonio Citterio, “I felt the need to offer a ‘moulded’ product; namely, a chair with a die-cast structure, resulting from a significant industrial investment by the company. At the same time, I wanted the ‘design’ of this new product to be an integral part of the Maxalto collection. This chair can be used with the entire Maxalto collection - with the new tables, and also with the existing products. The product is absolutely contemporary, and yet it calls to mind typical twentieth century objects. It echoes the idea of bronze, through a “full” opaque finish that absorbs light, and the use of high quality leather upholstery gives it a distinct saddlery-style feel. The Astrum table also stands out in the Maxalto collection due to the introduction of a die-cast structure, making it a versatile system whose multiple configurations generate tables of different shapes and sizes.”
Maxalto, whose designs have been the exclusive domain of Antonio Citterio since 1993, is a B&B Italia brand marked by a “new classic” allure. Offering the perfect combination of sophisticated craftsmanship and advanced technology, Maxalto boasts a consolidated heritage of tradition, authenticity and savoire-faire. The brand owes its success to a balanced blend of past and present, with classic yet contemporary furnishings that feature excellent materials, painstaking production techniques, exclusive details and customised solutions. By seeking the highest quality standards in materials and processing methods, Maxalto aims at design par excellence - even in the name, inspired by the term “massa alto”, which in the Venetian dialect means “the highest”.
Over the years, Antonio Citterio’s work, which centred initially on a revisitation of the early twentieth century style and subsequently drew inspiration from the French design of the interwar period, has always found new and effective ways of interpreting contemporary aesthetic trends. The designer’s numerous projects, rooted in a sense of proportion, precious materials and attention to detail, make for a comprehensive line of furnishings; standalone, almost extemporaneous pieces to be mixed and matched with ease. Maxalto offers five distinct yet consistent and coordinating collections brimming in contemporary solutions with a traditional allure, making them the ideal choice for those seeking functional yet elegant furnishings. Alongside a wide range of standard furnishings and finishes, the collections’ artisan approach gives rise to the Maxalto Atelier service, offering the chance to customise the product size and finish. Through this service, customers may bring to life their very own “tailor-made” projects, designed and created exclusively for them, just like in an atelier.