Our quest for quality in every aspect has always ensured excellence at B&B Italia. B&B Italia products are manufactured with top-quality materials and components that are controlled during every processing phase. Discover the quality of our products the excellence of the materials.


B&B Italia relies its products only with high quality materials and controls the quality during every processing phase. The materials and technologies conceived are an integral part of the study carried out for every product that is designed to highlight both its own identity and customer requirements. Promoting the intrinsic quality of every product has always ensured the excellence of B&B Italia products. Each authentic B&B Italia and Maxalto product is supplied with a authenticity document (Product data sheet-Guarantee) stating that the product is original, and is aligned to B&B Italia quality standards. The “Product data sheet-Guarantee” informs the customer about materials, maintenance, warranty, manufacturer and designer.

Quality that stands the test of time

The unique industrial production technique of B&B Italia upholstered furniture, along with the quality of materials used, guarantees B&B Italia clients a product that is far more durable than the best standards in the sector. B&B Italia guarantees the frame of its padded furniture (sofas, armchairs, chairs and beds) for 10 years from the date of manufacture (as stated on the “Product data sheet - Guarantee”). The production technology of “polyurethane foam mouldings,” which was introduced into the sector by the founder of the company in 1966, revolutionized industrial production of upholstered models, guaranteeing higher and constant quality standards. Precisely, the process entails ”sinking” a steel frame in the mould, which is then filled with bayfitrall polyurethane by cold injection.
B&B Italia guarantees the cover, the feet, the materials, accessories and mechanisms making up the product for 26 months from the date of manufacture (as stated on the enclosed “Product data sheet - Guarantee”) against any manufacturing defect including lacquering and frame of not upholstery products.


B&B Italia's textile collection is the result of in-depth research into weaves, natural and synthetic yarns which, often produced on an exclusive-rights basis, harmoniously adorn each original B&B Italia product to merge into any home environment. The extensive offer of the fabric and leather collection is designed to meet the demands of an international market. Fabrics undergo the following set of quality tests to assess their quality and durability: resistance to abrasion, formation of pilling, light fastness, resistance to traction, resistance to laceration and to rubbing. To further improve performance, some of our fabrics are subjected to finishing treatments, such as, for instance:

- stain proofing: chemical finish by impregnating the fabric with macromolecular substances that prevent liquids from being absorbed by fabric fibre.

- sanfor: finish aimed at stabilizing a fabric. applied usually to fabrics meant to be washed in water.

- buffing: mechanical finish aimed at obtaining a "peach skin" effect. the fabric surface is exposed to abrasion to achieve a softer feel.

- fireproofing: chemical finish, by impregnation or back-coating of the fabric with products that enhance its fire resistance.


The leather of B&B Italia preserves the original and natural softness of the finest coats to guarantee its inimitable aesthetic and tactile qualities, as well as its durability. The kinds of leather selected by B&B Italia are obtained from calves and bulls bred in the European community. This guarantees proper care for and attention to the quality of life of the animal. The beauty and quality of a leather kind actually depend on the origin and the way the animal was bred. B&B Italia selects hides from young animals (bullocks), because they are more intact and compact.
To preserve the excellence of raw materials, all of the treatments and finishes preserve the leather’s natural features, including certain anomalies due to the animals’ natural living conditions, such as scars, insect stings, corns, wrinkles, shading, differences in grain, etc. these features are the concrete proof of the product’s natural quality and are, therefore, to be considered as positive features and essential elements of leather. It is B&B Italia's duty to ensure the utmost care during the leather cutting phase to avoid placing said "marks" on the most visible parts of the product.


To highlight the distinctive characteristics of the wood and its natural quality, B&B Italia subjects wood to an open pore finish. For finishes in light oak, black oak, or smoky oak, before applying a clear finish, the surface is subjected to a “brushing” process that highlights the grain in the wood. For grey coloured oak, the colour applied is designed not to alter the original characteristics of the wood itself.

Oak used in B&B Italia’s productions is solely ribbed american rift white oak. This material typically presents a straight but irregular grain, sometimes with a coarse texture. .

Rosewood is native of Latin America and comes from cultivations that are controlled and managed by local governments. The grain and chromatic reflections of this noble wood make it unique and inimitable in the framework of wood types.

Teak, which is solely used for the outdoor collection, is one of the most precious tropical woods for its exceptional resistance to atmospheric agents. this special feature is based on the fact that it contains a natural oily resin that makes it highly resistant, thus enhancing the degree of waterproofing.


Lacquers used by the B&B Italia are selected through a careful researching process to ensure a wide range and excellent quality. The paints are designed to achieve the best results in terms of resistance to ageing, scratching, abrasion, and application on the various types of wood used by B&B Italia.
Satin and glossy finishes offer the option of highlighting the features of the piece of furniture enhancing its shiny parts. All paints used by B&B Italia are water-based, designed and specially tested in compliance with environment-friendly regulations in force concerning emissions.
All B&B Italia and Maxalto products are made with non-toxic water paintings. This composition ensures lower percentage of harmful emissions. Compared to a normal paint solvent, it releases mostly water vapor and reduces of 95% the emission into the environment of dust and particles which are sometimes the main because of allergies and skin irritations.


Steel and aluminium offer several solutions for finishes according to the products and applications, which range from painting to chroming or simple brushing. Besides original aesthetic solutions, the varnished finishes provide excellent results as regards surface hardness, resistance to ageing, scratch, abrasion and fading. Experience and research have led to the selection of components and painting cycles that offer the highest guarantee for the product.
Galvanic finishes (chrome) have strong resistance, an excellent aesthetic impact and dirt repellent features. Besides aesthetic quality, B&B Italia guarantees the purchaser a resistant and durable product; hence the adoption of a very rigorous production cycle that is controlled during all processing phases. For its galvanic finishes B&B Italia cooperates with leading companies in this sector that comply with the environmental regulations in force.


B&B Italia proposes several types of marble. Two different finishes are selected by the company, based on their use: a matt finish that enhances the porosity of the material and which undergoes only a "stain proofing" treatment that slows down the absorption of liquids. Another one better protect the surface, a protective treatment is applied with polyester-based paint to highlight the beauty of evident veins and chromatic reflections of marble while ensuring waterproofing against all liquids. The marble most used and appreciated includes Emperador, black Marquinia, Portoroa and white Calacatta.


On 18.12.1997, B&B Italia obtained its first corporate quality system certification for the lines of upholstered furniture and furnishing accessories with certificate n° 118 I.C.I.L.A./C.I.S.Q.

B&B Italia then decided to adapt corporate organisation to obtain the quality certification for all its proprietary factories, in compliance with standard UNI EN I.S.O. 9001:2015.
hence, the implementation of a corporate quality system..
the priority and essential objective of said quality system is to apply, update and consolidate the overall rules established by the company to protect customer satisfaction.
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