Corporate Social Responsability

Our quest for innovation, research, and excellence provides the foundation for all B&B Italia’s activities, and from the outset these have been linked to our commitment to civil society’s fundamental values: respect for the environment and observance of ethical principles. Our determination to pursue these objectives is expressed in our corporate culture, in our relations both with institutions and with our partners all along the chain of production.

Corporate code of ethics

Compliance with the law, transparency, loyalty, fairness, impartiality, good faith and the development of human resources are the ethical values and principles that have accompanied B&B Italia since the company was established, making it a leader in the fields of both designer residential and contract furniture over the years.
These essential principles inspired the corporate code of ethics, which clearly and unequivocally defines the values B&B Italia. Acknowledged as essential traits of its identity and corporate culture, its benchmarks for business transactions and activities, factors that define the commitment to excellence of companies that, like B&B Italia, have always focused on ensuring the highest level of quality.
Within the framework of their respective functions and responsibilities, the administrators, all employees, collaborators and auditors shall comply with and ensure compliance with the general principles of the code. Compliance with the code of ethics is explicitly also requested from all third parties that work closely with the company and/or that act on behalf of the company for any reason or whose actions are related to the company.

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Products that are valuable in time

B&B Italia is a company dedicated to sustainably improving the quality of homes, offices and public spaces through the power of design. B&B Italia’s success is based upon a unique blend of creativity, innovation and industrial know-how that leads to the creation of products that “stand the test of time ." has been the company’s advertising slogan for almost forty years, fully reflecting the corporate philosophy today as in the past . Impeccable products in terms of function, materials, construction quality and design that last over time. Like the production process, also recycling and disposal are industrial procedures that require energy and produce co2 emissions. Hence the concept of eco-sustainability applied to products is relative when their use and durability are limited and products have to be recycled and disposed of after a very short time . Always focused on quality, B&B Italia produces high quality products with exceptional durability, thus contributing towards considerable savings. Cutting down on industrial recycling and the disposal of products actually saves materials, energy and emissions.

Design and functionality that stand the test of time

Cooperation with leading international designers is the second success factor that enables B&B Italia to provide a lasting product not only in qualitative and functional terms, but also from an aesthetic standpoint through “timeless” design that reaches beyond time and trends.
B&B Italia constantly undertakes to adopt an "ecologically friendly" approach by adapting its factories and, when possible, improving its efforts to produce sustainable materials and processes. The company is sensitive to requirements of eco-sustainability not only from a regulatory standpoint, but also as a fundamental principle in its research activities. CR&S B&B Italia’s Research and Development Centre tenaciously channels its efforts into discovering innovative materials and developing production processes designed to guarantee an industrial approach that increasingly respects the environment.