Exhibitions, visual identity, advertising campaigns, creative thought and protagonists.
Experiences and ideas that relate to the culture of contemporary design.
B&B Italia's identity amidst corporate history and vision.

Advertising campaigns

Creativity applied to advertising communication.
Art directors, photographers and artists who have worked with B&B Italia and Maxalto products.

On-Air advertising campaigns

“Design Portrait” speaks about the main players in B&B Italia's current advertising campaign.

A story of exceptionally refined and modern living spaces. The furniture converses with the architecture, interweaving the designer's vision with the spirit of the products. Design and architecture work together, creating interior design projects that feature a powerful personality and an international modern style. The interplay of surfaces, materials, shapes and colours gives life to contemporary and refined portraits, where design and architecture complement each other, and express the unique nature of the B&B Italia’s collections and lifestyle.

“There are only two places where we live happily: at home and in Paris” (Ernest Hemingway).

Maxalto has found its home in Paris, a fascinating high-end residence has become a magnificent backdrop. This is the 2016 advertising campaign. The white wood panelling and intricate stucco work and the sequence of large windows perfectly mirrored by doors. A cocktail of contemporary aesthetics and timeless elegance. Based on Antonio Citterio’s creative project, the setting pays a personal and rigorous tribute to the greatest French interior decorators of the early 1900s. Whether in Paris, New York, Milan or Tokyo, in a period residence or in a glazed penthouse: anytime, anywhere, the Maxalto collection is an expression of luxury and rigour, creativity and balance, versatility and personality.

Historical advertisements.
Amidst sofas, pop-art and design

Ironical and unconventional. Or discrete and elegant. The advertising campaigns that have marked the history of B&B Italia present many different styles. Always designed by leading figures in the world of graphic design and photography, they have animated ever-new stories by interpreting B&B Italia's identity with lighthearted elegance.

Enrico Trabacchi did not only design graphics but installations and advertising campaigns too.

He conceived the first advertising campaigns that in the 1960s describe the new industrial framework through the factory’s goals recorded by C&B. His visionary and controversial contribution underscored the innovative strength of the UP Series by Gaetano Pesce with an advertising campaign entrusted to the photographer Klaus Zaugg. Creativity peaked in 1972 with pop graphics, cheeky texts and photographs centred on provocation. The campaign for Mario Bellini's Le Bambole made history with sensational Donna Jordan photographed by Oliviero Toscani. The latter part of the 1970s witnessed a sequence of art directors and many external contributions. The young photographer Luciano Svegliado interpreted the quality of details and materials of Mario Bellini's sofa Le Bambole with a highly personal style.

In the 1980s the agency STZ owned by Hans Suter, Fritz Tschirren and Valeria Zucchini chose a cheeky and ironical communication, while the 1985 TV campaign's protagonists were characters from the commedia dell’arte. One character recited verses on the company's products with a hilarious twist.

The 1990s opened a new chapter.

The trend was more market-oriented with focus on the product placed in its actual setting. Communication concerned living spaces with an elegant and rigorous approach. In 1996/1997 the campaign for the sofa Harry and the sofa Charles stemmed from the long-standing partnership with Studio Collage and the photographer Fabrizio Bergamo. Both also participated in other innovative communication projects, namely the publications “B&B Life” and “B&B Italia Home.”

The pay-off of the brand B&B Italia was “qualcosa che vale nel tempo”

“Something valuable in time” which summarises the brand's identity and remains etched in the memory of clients. It is the “fil rouge” of advertising campaigns that in the first forty years of the company related the timeless contemporary design of B&B Italia products.

The subtle irony that underpins the first campaign designed by the agency Saatchi & Saatchi in 2006-2007 makes room for a new style. Refined international interiors are the focus of the 2008-2009 campaign. It marks a new beginning. In 2010 Studio Collage (photographer Tommaso Sartori) conceived “Design Portrait.” The headline states the intention to portray the product, the person and his world by considering them a whole. People from different backgrounds with a wide age range are portrayed on a classical backdrop inside a photographer's studio. They stare straight at the camera. The rest is behind them, their world, their tastes, their lifestyle.

Exhibitions and Installations

Miscellaneous projects. Spaces created for unique experiences. Spaces that are absorbing and exciting.

B&B Italia / The perfect density

“Density” is the core concept of “B&B Italia / The Perfect Density,” an installation designed by Migliore + Servetto Architects to celebrate B&B Italia’s 50th anniversary.

“Density” is taken as a feature of B&B Italia’s identity in a broad sense: from the product physical and material nature to the conceptual one. Density of ideas and projects, always projecting the company into the future, through a continuous drive for innovation. Through a narrative synthesis, built on intersecting stories of people, products and processes, the installation, set up in the Impluvium of La Triennale di Milano, presents a symbolic representation of the pulsating brain of a company that, over the years, has been capable of producing unique pieces, veritable icons of Italian design.

A story that unfolds in eight narrative themes, mixing the stories of people, products and processes.
Eight high vertical cages pulsate with images, words and videos. Like the synapses of a large brain, shaken by light inputs, ideas run on moving ribbons, wrapping the visitor in a continuous immersion. Two continuous bands project a suggestive environmental video that generates infinite reflections in a play of mirrors: a fusion of microstories that relate corporate identity through images, graphics, products and people. The installation, which was presented in April 2016 at the Triennial Exhibition in Milan, in the Impluvium area, is now housed in a dedicated space at the corporate Headquarters in Novedrate.

Fifty years and more of creativity in three dimensions

Fantasy, creativity and the bringing together of various mediums, such as photography and architecture.
B&B Italia has always believed in the contribution of architects, artists and designers to create unique experiences. Scenic representations that have amplified the communication of B&B Italia projects at international furniture fairs and in the most authoritative sites for design and culture.

The remarkable consistency between 2D communication (advertisements, catalogues) and 3D communications (installations, exhibitions), is a typical trait of our history. The Research & Development Centre, along with the art directors who have expertly interpreted the projects over the years, is the creator of the concept for installations that become genuine attractions for visitors.

Enrico Trabacchi is the designer of the installation for the Eurodomus event held in 1970 in Milan, and of the artistic installation proposed at the MoMA, New York, for “Italy: The New Domestic Landscape,” produced in partnership with C&B.

Architect Roberto Beretta designed an installation called “optical” for the Biennale Interieur in Courtrai (1978), while the photographer Luciano Svegliado created the scenic project at the Milan Furniture Fair in 1980, and the theatrical installation for the Paris Furniture Fair (1981) in which the Alanda sofa by Paolo Piva was animated by actors from behind a screen wall.

The many projects by Pierluigi Cerri include the one for the 1988 Milan Trade Fair, which is one of the brand's most iconic, a sophisticated play of design, a perfect balance of expressiveness and rationality.
Recent decades witnessed the creations of B&B Italia's R&D Centre with styling by Studio Collage. Installations were perfectly in line with our DNA, an expressive summary of elegance and balance.

Retail Design

Space, Storytelling and multi-sensory features - all B&B Italia's flagship stores worldwide tell the visitor a story. For a sensory experience. Between design and emotion.

Space, the Scene of an Experience

Spatial design is the crucial element that makes the experience of visiting a point of sale unforgettable. The scene highlights the story that surrounds products and welcomes the visitor to a follow a journey.
The perfect harmony is created between product and environment, both a reflection of a common spirit made up of research and innovation.

Storytelling, relating the Brand and its values

Inside the space one can personally experience a narration of environments and sensory experiences.
A sequence of thematic areas designed with extreme care. Rooms, focus points of attraction, paths, space to move and linger, the environment involves the visitor in a story of furniture, innovation, materials, quality and details.

Multisensory features, a Retail Experience for the “5 Senses”

Intense and pleasant, absorbing and memorable. The experience at B&B Italia's stores involves all of the senses. Colour combinations, contrasts that enhanced details, tactile materials and a wealth of nuances please the eye, generating curiosity and inviting visitors to touch and feel the products.