Excelsior Hotel Gallia

Milano, Italy

Studio Marco Piva

The Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a prestigious and historic hotel in Milan, is part of a series of projects involving hotels, which stand out for their higher levels of quality and exclusiveness. Here, the skill, experience, quality and service of the B&B Italia Contract Division is expressed to the fullest.

The intervention of B&B Italia Contract Division, according to the project by Studio Marco Piva, concerned the public areas on the underground and ground floors, the first, sixth, seventh and eighth floors, as well as the Katara suite on the seventh floor.

In detail, on the underground floor, the company supplied one wine cellar and the public bathrooms. On the ground floor, it fitted out the restaurant, bar, cigar room, library, lobby, cake shop, main entrance, promenade, upper and lower foyer, three meeting rooms, two ballrooms, the stairway to the mezzanine and the bathrooms in that area. On the first floor, it supplied the millwork in the offices.

On the sixth floor, it fitted out the spa and the pool tiling; on the seventh floor, the spa, the virtual golf area, the bar, the restaurant, the cinema, the corridor from the cinema area to the Katara Suite, the Katara Suite, the Kids Suite and Princess Suite. Finally, it fitted out the meeting room on the eighth floor, and provided a selection of furniture for the balconies.

The project is characterised by three basic materials with different finishes, used in most areas: glass, aluminium and marble. More than 900 sq m of aluminium sheet was used, cut with a striped finish that conveys extraordinary elegance and refinement. It is presented in the colours silver, gold and bronze.

A vast range of different types of glass was used in different finishes: black, mirrored grey, silk screened, and back painted in various colours. Much of this glass is used to diffuse LED lights, to create warm and colourful atmospheres with original colour combinations. Various types of marble, a fine material that reinforces the suggestive architecture, were used: Antique Brown, about 2850 sq m of black marble with silver accents, roughly 420 sq m of Thala Grey (mainly on walls) and precious marbles such as Portoro, for the bathroom in the Katara Suite.The singular mix of materials has created a unique, very precious atmosphere in the various rooms, enhanced ty the magnificent interplays of light on the Antique Brown marble floors of the ground floor. The project was fairly complex. The extreme delicacy and large dimensions of the materials required particular attention during transport and installation. The large sheets of glass are an example, measuring 4.20 m in height and 1.80 m in width, as well as the 4 m high aluminium portals with a satin finish applied entirely by hand.


An interesting detail about deliveries: they were all planned on the basis of a very strict installation calendar, given the very central location of the building site and the lack of adequate storage for building materials. Even from this point of view, the Excelsior Hotel Gallia project is truly one of a kind.

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