B&B Italia in Lyon

B&B Italia opens a new single-brand store in the heart of Lyon, France, in partnership with Maison Home Design, in a charming neighbourhood brimming with antique dealers, artisans and interior designers that has always attracted tourists and residents for its culture, architecture, design and art. The new store showcases the design excellence of B&B Italia and Maxalto in a singlestorey area of approx. 160 square metres. The store recalls the exhibition mood of the Company showroom in Novedrate (Como), and presents the international lifestyle of the prestigious B&B Italia’s collections with a selection of proposals for the living and night areas.
The stylistic choices, the interior project, the blend of architectural details and materials, and the interplay of light and shadow, give rise to a setting full of personality, with a strong, original and international image rich of ideas, proposals and solutions. Black and white wallpapers, light boxes with evocative and distinctive images, sophisticated partitions in metal mesh and elegant visuals, contribute to create a unique, engaging and multisensory atmosphere.
The layout presents multiple areas of different styles that range from the minimalist to the decorative, but always with the accent on contemporary living. A sophisticated interplay of architecture and graphic design, monochrome and colour, create the perfect setting for presentations with deep impact and intense atmosphere, initiating a harmonious dialogue with nature. The aim is to create ambiances evoking moods, trends and emotions rather than arranging the spaces as conventional rooms. The setting is spontaneous, intuitive and welcoming at the same time and the resulting mood is surprising, spectacular, and expresses the refinement and elegance that is so typical of B&B Italia.
Thanks to the experience of the partner Maison Home Design, the new store aims to be a platform of quality and professionalism, a “design destination” providing not only the top notch B&B Italia collections, but also a highly qualified service to the country’s customers, architects and developers, both for residential and contract projects.
The new single-brand store is the latest addition to the highly qualified and widespread B&B Italia distribution network in France, standing out as a benchmark for professionalism, excellence and style, for the city of Lyon and beyond. By opening the new store, B&B Italia strengthens its distribution network in France, where it is present with the Flagship store in Paris and the recent monobrand store in Saint -Tropez, besides several carefully selected points of sale.

B&B Italia Lyon
22 rue Auguste Comte, F - 69 002 Lyon