Arclinea, a leading Italian company in the high-end kitchen industry, and B&B Italia have established a strategic partnership founded on the complementary nature of their products and on their extraordinary ability to merge design, tradition and innovation through an industrial production approach devoted to excellence.


The value of excellence

The history of Arclinea is rooted in values that have generated, and keep on generating, excellence. It is this very history that provides the background to understand the company’s values. Arclinea was founded in 1925 in the name of its founder, Silvio Fortuna Senior, who took over his grandfather's carpentry business that dates back to 1816. In 1960, Arclinea started mass producing kitchen furniture, and in 1963, it launched Claudia, the first kitchen with built-in appliances. In the early 80s, the company began working with external designers. In the late 90s, it consolidated its relationship with Antonio Citterio, who became the company's leading designer. In 2016, B&B Italia became the majority shareholder of Arclinea, with the aim of accelerating its international expansion plans.


The relationship between Arclinea and Antonio Citterio, rooted in a thorough knowledge of materials, processes and technologies with a view to achieving 'all-round quality', focuses on the shared decision to base their entire production in Italy, without outsourcing any part of their collections. The result is a line of innovative products reflecting a truly special and unique way of imagining, designing and building kitchens.

Arclinea and the design culture

The Arclinea Collection is a system of exclusive, cross-sectional and varied elements joined by a common thread: a recognisable and inimitable set of exclusive solutions and work processes based on a heritage of superior craftsmanship. Each new product complements and enriches the previous one, in line with new usage criteria and new applications. Spaces, functions, instruments and flows are connected by a common 'architectural matrix', in which every product designed, and its application in the home meets the need for practical, everyday, creative, shared use.

The goal of Arclinea has always been to develop designs that withstand the test of time, anticipating and yet overcoming trends. The Arclinea Collection is a set of models, products, details and solutions: a system of compatible elements conceived to design, compose, create and produce solutions aimed at the residential and contract furniture markets.
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