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Home Accessories

Elements of refined beauty, B&B Italia design home accessories are the epitome of domestic elegance. Rugs, mirrors, desks, benches, and room dividers transform spaces into sophisticated and functional areas, adding an exclusive touch.

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Designer Home Accessories

Designer home accessories represent the distinctive signature of luxury Italian furniture, embodying elegance, innovation, and functionality.

This category includes a wide range of elements that enrich domestic environments, contributing to creating unique and refined spaces. Among B&B Italia's proposals, rugs, mirrors, desks, benches, and room dividers stand out.


Modern Rugs for Living Rooms and Other Spaces

The contemporary rug is more than just an accessory: it is a true work of art that adds warmth and character to spaces.

Available in a variety of materials, from precious natural fibers to innovative synthetic solutions, elegant B&B Italia rugs are crafted with artisanal mastery.

From minimalist designs to more elaborate patterns, designer rugs adapt to every style, providing a touch of comfort and aesthetics to living rooms, bedrooms, and living spaces.


Designer Mirrors, Ideal for Living and Bedroom Areas

Designer mirrors are key elements in interior design: strategically positioned, they can visually expand spaces, reflect natural light, and add a touch of elegance to entryways, bathrooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

Modern designer mirrors can come in various shapes and different frame finishes.

Discover creations made by the best international designers for B&B Italia.


Modern Design Desks and Consoles

Modern design desks, small or large, create elegant, functional, and comfortable workspaces. A modern desk, made with precious materials and craftsmanship, becomes the focal point of the study or dining room, and the center of creativity and organization.

A valid alternative to the design desk is the console, which can also be used as a desk for the home office.

A console, long or short, is the perfect choice to enhance a hallway or entrance area and to become a privileged support surface for everyday needs.

For example, you can place the console in the dining room, or use console tops as coffee tables. Another possible solution is the console behind the sofa, where you can place ornaments, vases, and indoor plants.


Indoor Benches

Designer benches are versatile solutions: placed along a hallway, or under a window, benches add a touch of elegance and offer additional seating spaces.

They can also be functional containers to free up space, as in the case of the bed bench. Made with high-quality materials, B&B Italia benches are an expression of comfort and style.

Indoor Room Dividers

Room dividers - or partition screens - are ideal for dividing spaces reversibly and elegantly. Made with materials such as wood, glass, or metal, they offer privacy without sacrificing style. Room dividers with the function of dividing a room are undisputed protagonists in open-space living rooms, in studies to create different workstations, or in bedrooms.

Immerse yourself in a world of timeless elegance, where each piece is designed to enrich everyday life with style and functionality. Discover the complete collection of B&B Italia home accessories online and transform your home into a luxury retreat of design.

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