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Modern and high quality italian armchairs and small armchairs that express comfort and Italian elegance through the design language.

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Available in many fabrics or leather for a classic luxury, these armchairs give your home personality.

Designer Italian modern armchairs for living room

When choosing armchairs, consider the characteristics where they will be placed. If they are destined for the living room, the armchairs are likely to match a sofa, or a small table, a rug or a bookcase. 

Designer and Contemporary armchairs for bedroom

If they are destined for the bedroom they will have to match the bed, the wardrobe and other preponderant elements in the bedroom. Care should be taken to ensure that the armchairs are in harmony with the surrounding elements from the point of view of colours, form and design. A person has a deeper relationship with an armchair than a sofa When you choose the armchairs you empathise, one wonders how it will be sitting on them. Whether it’s a “Georgian-style” chair, a large bergère or armchair with a high back, every armchair will be chosen not only in terms of design, but especially for their materials quality, comfort and the intimacy established with the buyer. Choosing the armchairs is somehow similar to choosing a friend. You know immediately if there’s the right complicity, if there are vibrations that characterise a connection.

Leather, fabric, soft velvet or light cotton or linen, be inspired by our wide range. The armchairs, as for all the upholstered products, use advanced industrial production techniques because the B&B Italia’s ultimate goal is to offer the highest quality. Aesthetic value, maximum comfort and lasting durability throughout the years for all premium or visible product components and hidden details. One of the more significant aspects that has set B&B Italia apart since the beginning is the use of cold-moulded polyurethane foam. This bold experiment, which the company was first in the world to perfect, started a genuine revolution in upholstered furnishings by introducing important quality-related improvements. This technology provides many advantages to traditional upholstery methods, such as increased product durability, uniform seats and shapes which can provide better relaxation. B&B Italia provides a 10-year guarantee for its upholstered furniture (iron frame embedded in cold-moulded polyurethane foam). Discover the armchairs by B&B Italia that can be purchased online.

Colorful and Modern Armchairs and Lounge Chairs

The modern armchairs from the B&B Italia collections embody not only the prestige of Italian craftsmanship but also the constant pursuit of innovation and comfort. Every detail, from the silhouette to the upholstery, is conceived with craftsmanship, giving life to unique pieces capable of transforming spaces into scenarios of elegance.

The wide range of designs and materials offered by B&B Italia, from precious fabric coverings to luxurious leathers, offers endless customization possibilities, allowing each armchair to become a functional work of art.

The combination of modern design armchairs with other furnishing elements is crucial for creating a harmonious environment. In addition to the living room, these armchairs find their ideal placement also in environments such as the study, bedroom, and reading area.

In the case of designing a bedroom, for example, it is important to coordinate the tones of the armchairs with the colors of the nighttime storage units and beds to form a visual symphony and create a harmonious style.

Modern Bedroom Armchairs

Bedroom armchairs add a touch of exclusive elegance to the sleeping area. The choice of fabrics and shades plays a key role in harmonizing modern armchairs for the bedroom with the rest of the furnishings.

Neutral tones such as pearl gray or beige convey feelings of calm and relaxation, while bolder shades like midnight blue or moss green can add a touch of depth to the decor.

Armchairs with Chaise Lounge

For those seeking a welcoming embrace, armchairs with chaise lounges are the ideal choice. A designer armchair with a chaise lounge transforms the living area or bedroom into spaces dedicated to personal well-being.

The wide range of colors and coverings allows for customization in line with the desired mood, creating a visual balance with other elements present in the room.

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