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The mission of B&B Italia is to create the most innovative, iconic and timeless pieces of design furniture in order to inspire people around the globe through the power of the best creative minds, unparalleled R&D, industrial know-how and Made in Italy quality that make B&B Italia one of the world’s premier design company.

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Values and DNA


Inspire people through the most innovative, iconic and contemporary design furniture.

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Values and DNA


Bold | Contemporary | Innovative | Visionary

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An industry for design

Throughout its history, B&B Italia distinguished itself since its inception for its innovative industrial approach to manufacturing.

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Leather cutting

Made in Italy Quality

The careful selection of materials is at the centre of B&B Italia’s commitment to quality, sustainability and Made in Italy. B&B Italia purchases most raw materials, packaging, and semi-finished products from nearby Italian suppliers.

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CR&S Piero Ambrogio Busnelli

Research & innovation as strategic elements

Research and technological innovation, carried out together with the most renowned international designers, are the heart of the company. The internal R&D departments direct the creative process merging ideas with unique design know-how and an ongoing exploration of new materials, technologies and processes.

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Camaleonda, 2020 advertising campaign

Design Culture

The Group’s Brands have contributed to the history of Italian design. A history based on innovation, technology, creativity, and a lifestyle that made the Company famous throughout the world.

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B&B Italia Store, Madison Avenue NY

International footprint

B&B Italia’s lifestyle arises out of a wide range of products and projects linked to contemporary culture and developed with an international taste. Nowadays, foreign markets account for around 80% of the Company’s revenues.

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B&B Italia, quality testing area

Durability as sustainability

Durability is an unmistakable mark of B&B Italia sustainable development, as demonstrated primarily by the endurance of its products. Long product lifecycles lead to conservation of natural resources and to reduced environmental impact, which represents a key element for manufacturing firms.

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Private and public spaces

A trustworthy point of reference in the contract furniture industry for almost forty years, B&B Italia capabilities and Brands Portfolio span from residential to hospitality, corporate, marine and retail sectors.

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B&B Italia | Maxalto | Azucena |Arclinea

Brand portfolio

B&B Italia Group brands have unique identities in which design, research, creativity and technology develop together, interpreting contemporary lifestyle and trends.