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Antonio Citterio

Mart Armchairs
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Diese in zwei Größen erhältliche Sitzmöbelserie hat eine einladende, konkave Form, die mit verschiedenen Gestellen Gesamtkompositionen unterschiedlichen Charakters bilden kann. Aus der Kombination dieser Elemente entstehen Sessel, die innerhalb der Wohnung unterschiedliche Verwendung finden. Ihrem Entwurf geht eine lange Testphase im Bereich der Technologie des thermogeformten Leders voran. Die Ausgangsbasis ist eine Schale aus Kunststoff, die in eine Pressform für die Kaltschäumung des Polyurethans eingelegt wird, um verbesserte Elastizität und Komfort zu erhalten.


Experimentation and research are at the basis of the project of small and large Mart armchairs, which were made with a new production technology using thermoformed leather. The footwear sector was the source of information consulted by the B&B Italia Centro Ricerche & Sviluppo, always careful to identify materials and technologies that respond the best to the peculiarities of individual projects. This is how thermoformed leather became a distinctive feature of Mart.

The line consists of two types of chairs: one smaller and one wider. Three bases are contemplated: swivel (with a disk or cross base) and with a structure that allows the shell a double posture position which is more less inclined with just a simple manual movement.

A product with a strong personality, Mart has a silhouette imprinted to convey the idea of relaxation. Only a few symbols were used for the creative advertising campaign to support the launch.

Technical information

Schale aus Glasfaser

Innenrahmen Füllung (Kernleder und Leder Version)
kalt elastischer Polyurethanschaum Bayfit®

Innenrahmen Füllung (gepolstert Version)
kalt elastischer Polyurethanschaum Bayfit®, geformtes Polyurethan, Futter aus Polyesterfaser

Drehbares Kreuz-Untergestell
Stahllaminat und fließgepresstes Aluminium

Traggestell (MPRN_1-MPRI_1)
Stahlrohre und -profile

Drehbares Untergestell (MPGL-MPGIL)
Stahlprofile, Massivholz

Kopfstütze (MPRP)
Polyesterfaser, Futter aus Baumwolle, Gegengewicht aus Aluminium eloxiert und Stahl

Material thermoplastisch

Bezug (gepolstert Version)
Stoff in begrenzten Kategorien

Bezug (Kernleder und Leder Version)
Kernleder oder Leder in begrenzten Kategorien


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Antonio Citterio

Antonio Citterio was born in Meda (Milano) in 1950, and started his design office in 1972, graduating in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1975. Between 1987 and 1996 he worked in association with Terry Dwan and, together, they designed buildings in Europe and Japan.

In 2000, with Patricia Viel, he founded a practice for architecture and interior design, developing international complex long-term projects, at all scales and in synergy with a qualified network of specialist consultants. The studio has today taken the name of "Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel". Antonio Citterio currently works in the industrial design sector with numerous Italian and foreign companies. In 1987 and in 1994 he was awarded the Compasso d’Oro-ADI. From 2006 to 2016 he has been professor of Architectural Design at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture (Switzerland). In 2008 he was honoured by the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce of London, which gave him the title of “Royal Designer for Industry”.

Antonio Citterio is art director of Maxalto, Arclinea and Azucena.

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