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Canasta '13

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Canasta '13

Patricia Urquiola

Canasta '13 Sofas
Canasta '13 Sofas 1
Canasta '13 Sofas 2
Canasta '13 Sofas 3
Canasta '13 Sofas 4


Canasta ’13 von Patricia Urquiola zieht sich in Farbe tortora Melange an, mit der neuen Faser aus Polyäthylen, die ein Geflecht gebildet hat, das an die Kollektion Crinoline der gleichen Designerin erinnert. Neue Stoffe für Sofas, Sessel, kleine Sessel mit kleinem Tischen, in Harmonie mit den neuen Farbtonen.


Outdoor sofas, swivel sofas, high and low back armchairs for the garden from the Canasta ’13 line maintain the iconic design and the typologies of the entire Canasta series, but with a new look designed to blend in with the external environment even more. The colours of the woven material become more natural, dove grey mélange, and the weave expands to let light and glimpses of the surroundings show through. Unique pieces, elegant outdoor furnishings that are super comfortable like the circular sofa with the swivel base, which lets you follow the sun and turn 360°.

Technical information

Aluminium oder Stahl mit Polyesterpulverlackierungt


Sitzkissen (CNC190B-CNC226B)
geformtes Polyurethan, Futter aus Polyesterfaser mit wasserabweisender Beschichtung (mit wärmeversiegelte Nähte verfügt)

Sitzkissen (CNC160P1)
geformtes Polyurethan, Futter aus Polyesterfaser mit wasserabweisender Beschichtung

Polyesterfaser, Futter aus Polyesterfaser mit wasserabweisender Beschichtung

Verdeckgestell (CNC160P1C)

Verdeck Mechanismus (CNC160P1C)
Stahl elektropoliert, Aluminium eloxiert

Verdeckbezug (CNC160P1C)
Stoff Balivo

Rollen und Gleiter
Material thermoplastisch

Wetterfeste Abdeckung
Polyesterstoff auf einer PU-Seite

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Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola studied architecture and design at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and completed her studies at the Politecnico di Milano where she graduated under the mentorship of Achille Castiglioni. In Spain, she was awarded the Golden Medal for Merits in Art and received the Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic.

In 2001 she founded her own studio where she specialised in industrial product design, architecture (hotel trade, retail, homes, exhibitions and installations), art direction and strategy consulting. She works with important design companies and international groups, and is part of the advisory board of the Politecnico of Milan university and the Triennale Milano Design Museum. She taught the master’s degree in Interior Design at the Domus Academy in Milan (2013-2015) and has given lectures at prestigious international universities.

She has also given talks at countless cultural events and her work is exhibited in many art and design museums across the world, including the MOMA in New York, the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, the Triennale Museum in Milan, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, to name a few. She has been named Designer of the Year by many international magazines.

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