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B&B Italia unveils the new 2022 advertising campaign

news 19 Oct 2022

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Le Bambole ad campaign is on air from October.

B&B Italia still confirms its successful collaboration with British photographer Rich Stapleton to conceive the new 2022 campaign that pays tribute to the iconic Le Bambole by Mario Bellini in their radically renewed version on their 50th Anniversary.

Desert One House in Palm Springs, California, designed by Jim Jennings AIA in 2005, provided a geometric, monochromatic architectural setting. The spare aesthetic of this mid-century style home – with its clean lines, flat roof, eight-foot concrete walls, and sliding glass doors – highlights the soft, supple nature of Le Bambole armchair and the three-seat sofa, the Granbambola. And yet, the South Californian desert commands a kind of sensuality, and converses with Le Bambole in a raw, elemental way – the enveloping dry heat, the expanse of powder blue sky, the organic forms of the nearby San Jacinto Mountains.

Expanding on the vernacular of the desert landscape, boulders inspired by the work of artists Lee Ufan and Michael Heizer reaffirm the tension and synergy of the design amidst its architectural and environmental setting. The intentional placement of the boulders suggests Le Bambole as a sculptural work in its own right; one you can sink and relax into.

The new advertising campaign is on air worldwide from mid October.



Creative Direction & Photography Rich Stapleton