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Tiziano Guardini & Luigi Ciuffreda

Narinari Poltrone
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Narinari is a small armchair with a very unusual shape, which catches the eye with its originality and innovation. A seat that embodies the talent of the young designers behind the project, the result of their first collaboration with B&B Italia: Tiziano Guardini, with experience as a fashion designer, and Luigi Ciuffreda, known for his collaboration with various architecture and design studios. Upholstered in raw cut felt, with meticulous detailing and finishing, Narinari is reminiscent of a silhouette folded like origami, a seat with continuous shapes that derive from two surfaces that chase each other, defining volumes in a soft yet decisive manner. This fusion of the organic and the digital reflects the contemporary context of strong contradictions, where the classic merges with the futuristic, making Narinari a small armchair with a strongly distinctive character, a unique and recognisable presence in B&B Italia’s collection.

Technical information

hard polyurethane

flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam, polyester fibre cover

thermoplastic material

felt Mara

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Tiziano Guardini & Luigi Ciuffreda

Tiziano Guardini and Luigi Ciuffreda founded the Guardini Ciuffreda studio in 2020 in Milan after individual experiences in different fields. Tiziano Guardini was born as a fashion designer and then creative director. His creativity is defined as “Ecouture”: an evolutionary way of making fashion, which expertly mixes constant research into shapes, sartorial details, the innovation of highly sustainable materials, respect and valorisation of life and full experimentation within the creative process. For Tiziano Guardini there is no real distinction between the human being and nature. In this process of reconnection, the latter is the starting and arrival point. Each creation thus becomes a timeless luxury product that aims to be the key to rediscovering this ancestral bond. Luigi Ciuffreda, after graduating in architecture with a specialization in museography and exhibition design and a period of study at the school of Visual Arts in Orelans, began his profession by collaborating with various architecture and design studios and cultivating a passion for exhibition and design of the product. His approach is always linked to the relationship between art, architecture and design and bases its roots on constant research carried out in his projects and in his commitment as director of the Design department of Raffles Milano. The values ​​that characterize the Guardini Ciuffreda studio are based on a creative fluidity continuously stimulated by comparison and dialogue between apparently distant fields. The two designers feed each other, generating innovative projects with a strong aesthetic impact and great attention to respect for life with the desire to generate value for society. The singular character of this partnership has led them to important collaborations in the field of exhibition design with exhibitions designed for Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Marino and to a partnership with Città dell'Arte Fondazione Pistoletto. Other projects carried out by the studio include the creative direction of the Materica brand and various projects for retail spaces, domestic spaces, textile and furniture design projects, capsule collections in fashion and accessories.

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