B&B Italia is sponsor of the exhibition “Zaha Hadid in Italy” at MAXXI

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B&B Italia has enthusiastically accepted the invitation of MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo - to pay homage to Zaha Hadid, one of contemporary architecture’s most important and influential figures, one year on from her sudden passing. The “Zaha Hadid in Italy” exhibition is a chance for the company to reaffirm its deep sense of respect and devotion towards that figure and talent that left an enduring mark on architecture and design.
MAXXI is celebrating the Iraqi architect with an exclusive retrospective exhibition of her most iconic and meaningful Italian designs, from the “pictorial” and conceptual sketches to the threedimensional cardboard models, and from the virtual representations and the most recent interdisciplinary studies that push back the boundaries into new areas of science, to the famous drawings and “architectural paintings”.
In 2007, B&B Italia’s inclination to experiment and Zaha Hadid’s research on the complexity of curved geometries led to the creation of Moon System, a sofa-sculpture that has been an authentic “design statement” since the very beginning. Moon System, whose name recalls the combination of unusual shapes and the productsystem concept, evokes futuristic sculptural volumes and Zaha Hadid’s architectural shapes. The theme of the seat, in its most traditional sense, is radically challenged by creating a fluid, curved and highly dynamic shape, a “single block” that contains, as if “sculpted” into a single material, the backrest, seat and armrest; while perfectly echoing the concave shape of the seat, the ottoman remains a separate - but in any case matching - feature. An eye-catching, impressive sofa to place both at home and in public spaces, featuring a polyurethane coated cover that highlights its lunar image.
In 2010, Studio Zaha Hadid Architects chose Moon System for the opening of MAXXI, to furnish the museum’s hall. And today, it is one of the key designs featuring on the exhibition path dedicated to design within the “Zaha Hadid in Italy” exhibition.
B&B Italia, an Italian company that has always set itself apart thanks to its constant call to research and innovation and to its ability to represent contemporary culture, is therefore reaffirming its strong commitment towards supporting and promoting ventures of high artistic and cultural value, of which the exhibition “Zaha Hadid in Italy” is an extraordinary example.

Roma, MAXXI-Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo 
Ehibition 23.06.2017—14.01.2018

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