B&B Italia Group for Starbucks Reserve Roastery Milan

Corporate news

B&B Italia has enthusiastically accepted Starbucks’ challenge and has engineered and produced the bronze cask – which is part of the roaster at the vibrating heart of the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery Milan, the first Starbucks in Italy. The cask is an impressive 8-meter-high cylinder, in bronzed brass, polished and waxed by hand and equipped with mechanisms for the automatic opening and rotation of the doors. An impressive bronzed cask that periodically unfolds and rotates, like a blooming flower, to give customers a rare glimpse of the de-gassing phase of the coffee bean roasting process, when the coffee bean is transformed to enhance all its qualities.
It is really an engineering work, unique of its kind in the world, which was custom-built by B&B Italia Contract Division exclusively for this project.
The collaboration with Starbucks has represented an exceptional challenge for B&B Italia, where technological research and attention to details were carried out by the expert team of B&B Italia with extreme audacity and mastery. A project that reveals the potential of the company's Contract Division even in areas where it does not usually work.


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