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The new B&B Italia podcast on the design culture and the art of staying at home.

Staying at home has never been so important (or necessary) and B&B Italia, following the drive for innovation which is part of our DNA, and which has always guided the development of our products, takes up the challenge by identifying new narratives, that can bring our international audience closer virtually.

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We go al fresco on this episode and talk to celebrated designer Philippe Starck about his new outdoor collection Oh, it rains! Plus we look at the history of taking the indoor out, and bringing the outside in with historian Penny Sparke and writer Catharine Rossi.

Voices: Philippe Starck, Architect; Penny Sparke, Design Historian; Catharine Rossi, Design Author


As many more of us have to work from home the question is more important than ever, we discuss ergonomics and comfort in design with Editor of AD PRO Katy Olson, design critic Annalisa Rosso and also hear from Piero Lissoni and Mario Bellini.

Voices: Mario Bellini, Architect; Piero Lissoni, Architect; Katy Olson, Editor of AD PRO; Annalisa Rosso, Design Critic.


We jump on the piece of furniture that gives the podcast its name this week. From couch potato to couch surfer we look at how a large, soft object for the home has impacted our culture.

Guests: Mario Bellini, architect @mariobelliniarchitects; Rosa Park, Editor of Cereal Magazine @cerealmag; Elizabeth Glickfeld, Design critic and founder of Dirty Furniture @dirtyfurnituremag.


With our domestic life and work life experiencing such extreme change we wonder what the home will look like, 1 year, 10 years or even 100 years into the future. Looking how technology is changing the way we use the domestic space but also find out how the crafted and the tangible are more important than ever. We also look back to 1972 and what the future of design looked like back then.

Voices: Lidewij Edelkoort, designer and trend forecaster, Ivy Ross, VP of Google Hardware Design, Annalisa Rosso, Editor of Icon Design, Catharine Rossi author.

Music authors: Chris Zabriskie and Ultra Cat.


Listen to "200531_B&B_E3_Mix1" on Spreaker.

Design at in its very essence about crafting objects that can be made and used again and again. Italian design maestro Mario Bellini discusses that process and looks 50 years to the creation of his iconic Camaleonda.

Voices: Mario Bellini, architect; Joseph Grima, director of the Museo del Design Italiano – La Triennale di Milano; Catharine Rossi, design author.


Listen to "The Couch - Trailer" on Spreaker.

From radical, experimental design to brash, sensational advertising there are some couches that tell a story. We go on design voyage sitting on some masterful couches along the way, including Gaetano Pesce’s UP, Antonio Citterio’s Sity, Mario Bellini’s Le Bambole.

Guests: Antonio Citterio, Architect, Piero Lissoni, Architect, Nina Yashar, gallerist and entrepreneur, and Catharine Rossi, author.

Music: Quantum Jazz - Jingle Jazz; Chris Zabriskie - Air Hockey Saloon; Spinning Clocks - Circle Round.

Listen to "The Couch - Trailer" on Spreaker.

As we are using our homes like never before, we discover just how crucial the domestic space is to our culture. We trace the origins of modern home design and see how it can be both a refuge and platform of creativity.

Guests: Michael Anastassiades, designer, Tom Morris, writer and interiors expert, and Professor Penny Sparke, design academic.

Music: Quantum Jazz - Jingle Jazz; Mid-Air Machine - Breathing Out; Kevin MacLeod - Off To Osaka.

David Plaisant

David Plaisant

David Plaisant, curator and narrative voice of the podcast is a freelance journalist and writer who lives between London and Rome. For 5 years David has curated numerous podcasts on design, including the “Architecture & Anthropocene” series for the Milan Triennale and for Monocle 24 Radio in London.